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Directory for Pennsylvania Contractors

There is a new website for homeowners to find the local help that they need for their emergency repairs and home remodeling.  The website is http://www.fixitpa.com.  It is designed for a one stop search.  Small local contractor can set up a free listing on the website.  You will not find any large businesses or national businesses that are related to the service they provide.  Fix it Pa monitors all new businesses and reviews them.

Local Business Directories

We offer local businesses an opportunity to have their businesses listed on our sites.  Our sites are business specific type related only.  For example:  Plumbers, Electricians, Restaurants, Chiropractors, etc.

Local Plumbers

Mobile Websites

Searching on the web using a smartphone is being done daily.  Businesses that  their websites are not mobile friendly are losing out.  People don’t want to go to a site and have to zoom in on what is on the page.  They want to see a button or tab and click on it.  Then they want to be able to read what is on the page, again not having to zoom and move the page around.  A mobilized site is like the one pictured below.  Read More

Website Design

We customize websites for each our our clients to meet their needs.

Website Hosting

Crazy Hitz offers affordable hosting for your website.   We don’t have any hidden fees like other hosting services.  For more information on our hosting packages please contact us.

At Crazy Hitz our goal is to provide quality products and services to our clients.  We treat our clients as business partners.  If you don’t succeed – then we don’t succeed.  We take the time to learn about each of our clients business and their marketing needs.  We research not only your competition but also the market you are in.  We research what they are doing and what they aren’t doing.  Then we develop a strategy that will help reach the goals you want to achieve. We start by gathering information about your business, evaluate your market and competition, asking questions, determining your goals for your business.  By doing this we will look at your business plan or mission statement which may need to be revised. We also review our current marketing strategies to see what is working and what isn’t.  After we have completed the all of the above, we can form a plan for you to reach your goals.  We then discuss our findings with you, and we can determine what strategies to use to achieve your goals.  By doing this we can determine what is effective and what is wasteful spending.  Our knowledge coupled with pre-negotiated rates allow you as the business owner to adhere to your budget and even use your budget efficiently. Contact Us Today. We are upfront about everything, including pricing.  Each client’s pricing is individually based.  We do not create plans for the simple reason, each client’s individual needs aren’t always the same.  What we do is create a package based on their needs and the services we offer.  Giving them the best price.

Sketch Marketing

Coming Soon!

Kiosk Management Services

Coming Soon!

Local Business Sites

Coming Soon

Facebook Advertising

We offer a service that allows businesses to turn their facebook fan pages into lead generation.

Facebook Deals Tabs

Offer discounts on your facebook pages.  Get customers to engage you and periodically check out your fanpage for deals of the month, week, or day.

Facebook Surveys

Now you can create facebook surveys on anything you want.  Engage your customers and friends on facebook.  See what they really think.

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